Cantilever Racking


Cantilever Storage Systems are ideal for utilizing the height within your warehouse to store long lengths of products such as pvc pipe, copper, timber and other building materials. SteelCore's range of Cantilever Racking is available in single or double sided configuration. Our Cantilever can be utilised both outdoor in galvanised or indoor with powder coated racking.

Heavy-duty Cantilever Racking Is particularly suitable for storing long loads, offering the possibility of locating the levels (arms) on one or both sides of the fully independent structure.

Mid-duty Cantilever Racking Is a multi-lever, high storage, special rack designed to handle many types and sizes of product.

Light-duty Cantilever Racking Is constructed from pallet racking. It`s a perfect low-cost solution to store long and awkward light-duty oversized goods. It provides easy accessibility together with support along the length of the item being stored.

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