Make the Most of Your Wetherill Park Storage Facility with Dexion Compatible Pallet Racking

When your business grows, it doesn't just expand its bottom line — there's often real physical growth that occurs, too. With increasing demand comes the need for more products and goods to meet that demand. In turn, that means an increased requirement for storage space. If your current warehouse is running out of space, the first inclination you have might be to look for a larger storage space. That can be an expensive proposition, though. What if you could just upgrade and rearrange the way you store items to maximise the amount of usable space you can access? At SteelCore Australia, that's just what the Dexion pallet racking we offer to Wetherill Park businesses will accomplish.

With pallet racks, compatible with Dexion features to make loading and unloading as rapid as possible, your warehouse can seem much larger. In fact, we even offer solutions ideal for those with stock that doesn't rotate out as quickly. There are many reasons to restructure your storage and make the switch to a more optimised solution for pallet racking in Wetherill Park. How does all this work, though? Take a quick look at how we bring these solutions to life for businesses like yours.

Taking advantage of pallet racking Wetherill Park

The first step involves a close look at what kind of product you're dealing with and how quickly it rotates. Do you have a lot of slow-moving stock taking up space next to bays that rotate out continuously? This wastes space. We can instead suggest drive in pallet racking. In this setup, pallets are driven in to the back of a rack by the forklift and stacked. In front of them, you can place items that leave the warehouse more quickly (or more of the slow stock). As with all SteelCore systems, this is Dexion compatible, so all pallets fit. Now you're more efficiently using the space you have.

In other cases, we might choose to utilise vertical space better. With mezzanine storage, you can use traditional racking below while providing storage for other items on top. Employees access this easily via built-in stairs and safety handrails. Overall, we can provide various custom storage solutions all using the industry standard Dexion pallet.

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Once we finish installation of your new pallet racking setup, in Wetherill Park your staff can immediately get back to work. With a reconfigured space and an improved system for Dexion pallets, your business can meet the new demands of your customers. That allows you to keep growing — and that's the kind of success we hope to enable at SteelCore Australia. From selective to drive in racking, we'll coordinate with your needs to implement the most effective system. Want to learn more about what sets us apart? Reach out and let us know. We provide quotes free of charge, so enquire today; simply call us on 02 9675 5486.


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