Save Money by Repairing Your Damaged Pallet Racking or Purchasing Used and Second Hand Pallet Racking in Wetherill Park

Accidents happen, especially in the busy and bustling environment of a warehouse. Maybe a delivery driver accidentally backed into your pallet racking while trying to load up a new shipment. Perhaps one of your employees missed a step in assembling and installing your racking, and the system didn’t hold together as desired. Either way, damaged pallet racking and shelving is almost an expectation in inventory warehouses.

Unfortunately, just because damage is likely to occur from time to time doesn't mean it isn't costly. High quality pallet racking systems are expensive, and replacing a damaged rack might not currently be possible based on your company’s budget. So, what can you do? Call SteelCore Australia.

SteelCore Australia: Your Source for Used Pallet Racking in Wetherill Park

SteelCore Australia can lend a hand with damaged pallet racking systems. If your racking is damaged and dented beyond repair, you might consider purchasing from our stock of second hand pallet racking in Wetherill Park. These used pallet rack systems have reliably served other companies in warehouses around Australia. They are still in great shape, with the structural integrity you need to guarantee the safety and smart storage of goods in your warehouse. However, they are more affordable than brand new pallet racking systems—an attractive quality if you are working under budgetary constraints.

We have a huge range of used racking in Wetherill Park, which means that we can probably find a second-hand piece of racking that is close to or identical to the part that you need to replace. In general, the racking we carry and sell tends to be adjustable and highly compatible with other pallet rack systems on the market. As a result, you should have little issue integrating our used pallet racking into your existing warehouse shelving system. If necessary, we can help you rearrange your existing pallet racking to make space for the new unit.

Pallet Racking Repairs Also Available

Of course, not every warehouse accident leads to irreparable pallet racking damage. While a heavy semi-truck backing into your shelving unit at 10 kilometres an hour is probably going to require replacement, a slower collision involving a lighter-weight vehicle—a forklift, for instance—might only cause limited damage.

In such cases, SteelCore Australia might be able to save you even more money than you would save on used racking in Wetherill Park. Our team has more than five years’ experience of installing, dismantling, moving and managing pallet rack systems, so you can bet that we know how to repair them as well. We can trade out uprights, beams, clips, bracings, accessories and other components until your pallet racking looks as good as new. If we cannot repair the pallet racking—or if our repairs can’t guarantee the integrity and safety of the rack—we will advise you on alternative options.

Whether you are interested in purchasing second hand pallet racking in Wetherill Park or seeing about possible repairs for your pallet rack systems, SteelCore Australia can help. Call us on 02 9675 5486 to get in touch.


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